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Wearable computing

Waiting before the chat room door

17 April 2014 – 11.55 pm

Waiting before the chat room door is a speculation and an interactive installation revolving around chat rooms and their teenage users in the late Nineties and early Two-thousands. It aims at showing that such things as digital places existed (and still exist), and that the divide between physical and digital places is sometimes a matter of intensity, not quality. [Read More]

Life Link, a caring life monitoring system for empty nesters

16 April 2014 – 5.42 pm


Life Link is a monitoring equipment set. It is aimed to monitor the elderly user’s physical conditions, and to warn his child whether an emergency arises; meanwhile also reminds the children to frequently contact their beloved parent.[more]

Pinch: system for chronic pain management

29 March 2014 – 1.10 pm

2014_122x122_pinchPinch is a system for chronic pain management, composed of an interactive bracelet, a docking base for recharging and synchronising, and an online application. The bracelet allows a patient to record the pain level through the day, whenever and wherever is needed, together with pulse rate, drug consumption, physical activity level and quality of sleep. [more]

A on Mars: Social cognition development for autistic children

29 April 2013 – 4.05 pm

A on Mars is a system composed of three devices, designed to assist the therapeutic activity of autistic children or with social cognition disorders. The system follows the child in everyday life, helping him or her to understand facial expressions of the people with whom it interacts. During therapy it supports the therapist as a tool to arouse children’s empathy.[More]

AURA: wearable devices for expecting parents

20 October 2011 – 8.10 pm

Aura is a set of wearable devices for expecting couples: a dress and a bracelet. It lets them explore the limits in communication, privacy and intimacy in a tangible way [More].