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Mariano Viola cv

(b. 1980)
Twitter: @marianoviola

I am interested in designing awesome products and services as interaction designer or product designer.

I learned that design is an adaptive method whose backbone consists in evaluating  requirements, conceptualising ideas and turning them into understandable and meaningful products for people. Taking advantage of this flexibility, in my previous experiences I have successfully designed different kinds of smartphone apps and interactive physical objects, collaborating each time with different teammates.


  • Master course in Visual and Multimedia Communication, Iuav University of Venice, 2011-2014
  • Bachelor in Industrial Design, Second University of Naples, 2007–2011


  • Mother tongue: Italian
  • English: comfortable in speaking, reading and writing


  • Data visualization workshop with Till Nagel, Iuav, November 2012, Venice, Italy
  • Performing arts with Klaus Obermaier, Iuav, June 2012, Venice, Italy
  • Information Design workshop with Katerina Dolejsova, Iuav, February 2012, Venice, Italy
  • “Beyond Loss Design Prevails” with Lucille Tenazas, 19/05–01/06 2010 Aversa, Italy
  • Design Per. “The new languages” with René van Engelenburg ( – 06/10–09/10 2009, Naples, Italy


  • Finalist at the Samsung Young Design Award ’09. 2009.
  • Selected among the top 100 of over 3,400 submissions to the EU Organic Logo Competition, 2010.


Research based on people behaviors, translation of requirements into concepts and UI specifications.
Communicate and define scenarios, interaction models, and screen designs, to stakeholders.
Building prototypes to demonstrate and test design recommendations.


Experience designing and building/prototyping products and features on mobile and web.
Strong HTML, CSS, Javascript and Processing knowledges.
Strong visual design and data visualizations knowledges.



Diallog screen

Diallog, a social phone

Diallog is a mobile application that allows people to communicate publicly or privately exclusively by means of voice and sound. the aim of this project is the design of a social phone that works as an hybrid service between a voice call and a text message. Users can record and share sound fragments, through a voice or a touch interface, and they can pin them to geographical places in order to make these contents discoverable by other users. More

Thesis advisor: Davide Rocchesso 

2014, mobile, application, audio, location-aware


VIA prototype detail

VIA, smart signage system

VIA is an interactive system that allows communication between smartphones and kinetic signs. The signage was designed for the Magazzini Ligabue, a complex of former warehouses, is used by Iuav University of Venice for lessons, presentation and exhibitions. But poor signage means that even frequent visitors sometimes have difficulty finding their way around. VIA solves this problem in a playfully elaborate subversion of Iuav’s logo. More

Teamwork: A project made with Ricardo Tamagno and Enrika Vežnaver.

My Tasks: Design of the smartphone application used to control the mechanical signage. Development of the connection between the mechanical signage and the smartphone app using the web platform and node.js.

2013, mobile, application, information visualization, physical computing, Arduino


Polimeteor, your city is an organism

Polimeteor is a mobile application that represents the city and its behaviors metaphorically, as an organism. The system allows users to learn a biological language to comprehend the organism and build a symbiotic relationship with it in order to understand the biological trends of the organism/city in which they live. More

Teamwork: A project made with Luca Migliore, Dante Fusco and Sabina Begovic.

My tasks: Organism metaphor ideation and climate data visualization translation. Application prototype with the Processing programming language and deployment on the Android device.

2012, mobile, application, information visualization, weather, Android, Processing


Seeweed, mediated reality info graphic

Seeweed is a nocturnal installation in the Rialto fish market. Combined with the suggestive atmosphere revealed by this place at night, it plays on feelings and sensations to provoke thoughts about the biosphere in the Venice lagoon its invasive organisms over recent years. More

Teamwork: A project made with Ricardo Tamagno, Amedeo Abello and Dante Fusco.

My tasks: Research of the location, definition of the user ask flow, motion detection and the visualiztion projection prototyping with the Processing programming language.

2012, street infographic, camera as sensor, installation, information visualization, Processing, Arduino


Radiomadic, a locative media toy

Radiomadic is a mobile web application designed for street musicians.It allows them to make a music performance anywhere within a 20 metre radius of them. People further away than that just hear snatches of it. More

Teamwork: A project made with Ruggero Castagnola, Dante Fusco and Fabrizio Goglia.

My tasks: Definition of the locative media concept, technology research, prototyping with PhoneGap and the Processing programming language.

2011, street performances, music, mobile application, PhoneGap, Processing


ePlant, the metaphor of a plant to make consumption information easy and non-introusive

ePlant follows the ubicomp model in which information processing has been thoroughly integrated into everyday objects and activities. ePlant is a technological object but also an autonomous agent that reminds a plant in which household consumption is processed and visualised. More

Teamwork: A project made in collaboration with Marco Paolucci, Giammarco Incarnato and Massimo Perna.

My tasks: Definition of the concept, physical data visualization, cloud service strategy and technological research.

2009, household life, physical computing, product design, information visualization, Arduino

More about me on my website