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Cooking Naturally. Infodomestico in cucina

28 April 2013 – 6.02 pm

Cooking Naturally aims to change people’s use of food resources, reducing waste by creating a direct channel between people and the information cloud surrounding the theme. All, a kitchen device to better exploit this information, is both a display appliance and a filter, adapting its behaviour to the user’s habits. [More]

Mercà. Il tuo Mercato a chilometro minimo.

12 April 2013 – 4.44 am

Mercà is a service and a smartphone application for the direct selling of fresh local food. It aims to establish a direct relationship between consumers and growers/suppliers in order to make people aware of the importance of their choices.[More]

Famfizzys: Interactive toys powered by the human body

3 May 2010 – 11.39 am

The human body is rich source of expendable energy. Through their moods and behaviours the Famfizzys show children the energy they produce as they walk. The child must take care of his Famfizzy puppet in order to keep it alive and healthy. While looking after it he keeps track of his bodily activity day by day. He appreciates energy and its costs. The aim is to give a visualization of electricity. [More]