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a new way for citizens and public administration to communicate

Tutti Contano allows citizens to explore the balance of public services managed by a township, to express their needs through a system of choices of savings and investments in different sectors, and to compare their own balance with the actual one and the one calculated by the average choices of all citizens.

The system is composed of a smartphone application and a public projection that displays all data collected.

The application gives information obtained from open data documents about the financial balance and a document (not yet open data) called SIOPE from which it is possible get all government expenditures.

The projection, in a public place, shows choices made by the user through the application in real time and a hypothetical balance, compared to the township one, at different times of the day and year. The aims are to interest citizens in the work of the public administration, create a dialogue between residents, and allow government to understand the needs of the population.

Tutti Contano – steps through from Alice Mortaro on Vimeo.

Written report, in Italian but with an abstract in English:

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