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U R V S: Visualizing debates and government activity in a city

16 April 2015 – 10.13 am

URVS URVS is a digital project for the city of Venice starting from its complexity and uniqueness—particularly the fact that people move around the city on foot. URVS enables people to vote on proposals related to current interventions, proposals and debates, representing the mood of the citizens through the metaphor of the weather.

Liquid Space: manage, organize, and personalize your study method

24 April 2014 – 3.31 pm
2014-liquid space - 122x122.png

Liquid Space is a service, accessed through a tablet application, that allows college students to manage, organize, and personalize their study. In this application the student can shape the digital space as he or she wishes, adapting it to his personal study methods. The service not only brings together everything a student needs for studying but also helps manage his or her academic career. [more]


14 April 2014 – 4.38 am

Mneme is a smartphone application for museum mainly for guys, aged between 20 and 30 years old, with little knowledge in the field of art. The application is designed to educate and encourage to visit the museum, trying to create a better awareness from this type of user art’s world.


12 April 2014 – 4.59 pm
Diallog logo

Diallog is a mobile application that allows people to communicate publicly or privately exclusively by voice and sound. The app is a social phone service—a hybrid between a voice call and a text message. Users can record and share sound fragments, through a voice or touch interface, and can pin them to geographical locations to make them discoverable by other users of the service. [More]

Pinch: system for chronic pain management

29 March 2014 – 1.10 pm

2014_122x122_pinchPinch is a system for chronic pain management, composed of an interactive bracelet, a docking base for recharging and synchronising, and an online application. The bracelet allows a patient to record the pain level through the day, whenever and wherever is needed, together with pulse rate, drug consumption, physical activity level and quality of sleep. [more]

A on Mars: Social cognition development for autistic children

29 April 2013 – 4.05 pm

A on Mars is a system composed of three devices, designed to assist the therapeutic activity of autistic children or with social cognition disorders. The system follows the child in everyday life, helping him or her to understand facial expressions of the people with whom it interacts. During therapy it supports the therapist as a tool to arouse children’s empathy.[More]

Footprints: Interactive storytelling for parents and children

14 April 2013 – 7.02 pm

Footprints is a network of interactive objects for creating and sharing illustrated stories between parents and children. The project’s aim is to involve parents into their children’s everyday lives, by sharing an intimate moment like telling a story. Footprints is especially conceived for modern working parents, often busy, who are away from family life and find it difficult to follow their children’s growth and development. [More]

Lexis il mostro: Interactive game to support the skills of dyslexic children

13 April 2013 – 12.41 pm

Lexis il mostro is an interactive game for dyslexic children which aims to support the processes of reading, memorizing and association in a kinestethic, ludic and amusing way.
It is designed for Sifteo Cubes, a new game platform with mini-screen and proximity sensors, that allows the rise of a new experience. 

Mercà. Il tuo Mercato a chilometro minimo.

12 April 2013 – 4.44 am

Mercà is a service and a smartphone application for the direct selling of fresh local food. It aims to establish a direct relationship between consumers and growers/suppliers in order to make people aware of the importance of their choices.[More]

a new way for citizen and public administration to communicate

10 April 2013 – 11.08 am

Tutti Contano allows citizens to explore the balance of public services managed by a township, to express their needs through a system of choices of savings and investments in different sectors, to compare their own balance with the actual one and the one calculated by the average choices of all citizens.

Fulcra: A Platform for Disaster Relief Assistance by Online Volunteers

18 April 2012 – 10.22 am

Fulcra is a digital platform, accessed through the web, for aid relief organizations to crowdsource menial tasks related to information management. This community of volunteers helps the aid workers by organizing, rating and finding information that can help coordinate a better response. Tasks can include information bulletins with updates taken from the Internet on the disaster, contextual reports for assessing the social and cultural aspects of the area where the aid worker will be deployed. [more]

Dibble: Old tools for new tangible interfaces

17 March 2012 – 6.24 pm

Dibble is a service that allows the exchange of time, employment and knowledge between generations, through the use of traditional tools with new interactive behaviour. Dibble was created to help lonely elderly people with health problems to cultivate a plot in a vegetable garden.  [More]

Heart Lift: Telemonitoring service for skiers with heart problems

3 May 2010 – 11.20 am

Heart Lift is a telemonitoring system for heart patients who want to practise physical activities in the mountains. It could be an important help in the rehabilitation process, since its aim is to reassure the user and to teach him a more constructive approach to the data that comes from the monitoring devices. A headset and glove communicate the skier’s situation in a clear and unambiguous way. [More]

Laundrym: An interactive laundrette service

19 May 2009 – 12.02 pm

The aim of Laundrym is to make an ecological and useful service both attractive and convenient. The project concerns both a mobile phone service that allows people to reserve and monitor machines and to contact their friends to arrange to socialise while their laundry is being done, as well as the design of a simple interface (using RFID technology) for a highly complex washing machine. [More]