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Waiting before the chatroom door

Waiting before the chat room door is a speculation and an interactive installation revolving around chat rooms and their teenage users in the late Nineties and early Two-thousands. It aims at showing that such things as digital places existed (and still exist), and that the divide between physical and digital places is sometimes a matter of intensity, not quality. I documented myself on and offline, interviewed some of those who were users back in the day and analyzed the relationships between people and the medium and among people through the medium. Then, I created a virtual space, a museum of personal memories, that can be explored and lived. Thus, becomes a place.

This project touches the areas of Interaction Design, –especially Physical Computing through embodiment,– History of the Internet, Psychology, Sociology, Virtual Reality, Hybrid Spaces.

1) Watch the video essay, 2) the research framework presentation, 3) the installation presentation, 4) the recording of the demo; 5) read the full report.

Recreate the experience: code and schematics for the electronics available on GitHub.
If you wish to talk with me, reach me over email or Skype. To see more, visit my profile page.