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Information visualisation

U R V S: Visualizing debates and government activity in a city

16 April 2015 – 10.13 am

URVS URVS is a digital project for the city of Venice starting from its complexity and uniqueness—particularly the fact that people move around the city on foot. URVS enables people to vote on proposals related to current interventions, proposals and debates, representing the mood of the citizens through the metaphor of the weather.

Liquid Space: manage, organize, and personalize your study method

24 April 2014 – 3.31 pm
2014-liquid space - 122x122.png

Liquid Space is a service, accessed through a tablet application, that allows college students to manage, organize, and personalize their study. In this application the student can shape the digital space as he or she wishes, adapting it to his personal study methods. The service not only brings together everything a student needs for studying but also helps manage his or her academic career. [more]

Duo: a supportive tool for couple counselor

23 April 2014 – 5.30 pm

Duo project is part of the psychological counselling system for couples. Its goal is the improvement of dysfunctional communicative situations. It’s a system composed by tablets and smartphones that working interconnected allow the councelor to get closer to the couple itself. Thanks to a series of specific functions, partners can easily record events and emotions related to episodes of ineffective communication. [more]

Terrarium: Living maps

11 April 2013 – 11.46 pm

Terrarium is a mobile geographic information system that keeps track of the user’s movements to progressively build a personal geography. It helps them remember the places they have been to and reach new places based on their past knowledge: the representation of the world it gives is subjective, adapted only to the user and based on the information he or she personally recorded. [More]

a new way for citizen and public administration to communicate

10 April 2013 – 11.08 am

Tutti Contano allows citizens to explore the balance of public services managed by a township, to express their needs through a system of choices of savings and investments in different sectors, to compare their own balance with the actual one and the one calculated by the average choices of all citizens.

TuneUp: A sound application to manage teenagers’ diabetes

10 April 2012 – 5.12 pm

TuneUp is an application for mobile devices that helps diabetic teenagers with the technical and emotional management of their condition by creating a sound image which represents collected glucose data. The app aims to increase knowledge about the daily management of diabetes and, , through sound, emphasise the importance of proper self-management. [More]

AURA: wearable devices for expecting parents

20 October 2011 – 8.10 pm

Aura is a set of wearable devices for expecting couples: a dress and a bracelet. It lets them explore the limits in communication, privacy and intimacy in a tangible way [More].

Dropple: Research into the interactive and social visualization of information

19 May 2009 – 12.07 pm

DroppleDropple is an interactive web application to show statistics about the water domestic consumption in a thought-provoking manner. It tries to raise awareness by providing people with a simple framework for monitoring and analysing their lifestyles and its impact on society, and help them change their behaviour. Designed for ordinary people, the project aims to achieve simplicity and immediacy through good graphic design, spontaneous interaction and an engaging graphic mood. [More]

AEDO: making data meaningful

23 April 2008 – 2.00 pm

aedo, making data meaningfulAedo symbolizes the effort to develop a system that produces self-explanatory data visualizations, focused not on the representation of numbers but on their meaning. Via random selections of datasets, the application can build tales based on the data, uncovering in a visual and narrative way the stories behind the numbers, and giving a solid context to understand their meaning. [More]