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a social phone



Diallog is a mobile application that allows people to communicate publicly or privately exclusively by means of voice and sound. the aim of this project is the design of a social phone that works as an hybrid service between a voice call and a text message.

Users can record and share sound fragments, through a voice or a touch interface, and they can pin them to geographical places in order to make these contents discoverable by other users. in this way, audio contents can create a sort of complementary informative layer—respect to the visual one—related to places, which could enhance the social interaction between their inhabitants. thanks to this application people could contribute to the public sphere, leaving personal experiences that can be eventually extended in a private dialog with closer contacts.


Video scenario.


Diallog promotes a new ‘hot’ channel through the sound medium in which students, commuters, tourists, permanent inhabitants, artisans, merchants and public administration can connect themselves participating to the public life. in this new scenario, diallog can help people to populate and unveil information related to streets, squares and so forth through sound.


Besides recording a sound, with diallog it is possible, thanks to the global positioning system (gps) included into smartphones, to record also the place in which content is taken in the same way of digital cameras. these spatial recording are not represented on a map simultaneously but the attached content, the sound, is selectively played according to the position of the users.



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