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A social network of things

Alberto Moro |

An internet of things, in which everyday objects can connect to the Internet and share information within it, is ever more possible.

SPL/T is an open-source platform designed to take advantage of the Internet of Things. Using a smartphone people can create communication networks between the objects they own. These objects, thanks to a digital layer, create a confidential database about their owner’s preferences and habits. SPL/T analyzes this combined data in real time to provide new services and facilities for the user’s everyday life.

So, what if objects could talk to objects?

This suggests that the paradigm of interaction between people and objects will change radically, as will a wide range of consumer goods.

The mobile application

The main tool through which we can create and manage object social networks is a smartphone application, for two main reasons: we always carry a smartphone with us, and it is a good display for notifications.

SPL/T, besides being a scenario about the next Internet era, is also the smartphone application which allow users to connect their objects and take advantage of the facilities provided. Through his smartphone, the user can interface to individual objects in order to set their behaviors, create relationships between them, and choose what kinds of facilities might take advantage of the network created.

Although facilities can be provided through the physical objects’ output or mobile phone notifications, a smartphone seems the best and simplest way to manage the network, from the moment of its creation to subsequent customisation.

The application works in three different modes:
– SPL/T mode

SPL/T mode

The first way to play with the SPL/T application allows users to create and customize their own object networks, understanding in detail how the objects communicate with each other and how to choose the right facilities to enjoy.


For users who don’t want to spend time customizing their own network, but would like to quickly take advantage of a social network of objects, the SPL/T CENTER offers them a rich collection of tasks to download and apply to their objects.


Perhaps the future of the consumer goods industry, this is a new way to make purchases, based on the scenario proposed.
The video below shows how the SHOPPING mode works.


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