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SimpliCity is a project about information, a term that means a knowledge about an argument, and can be represented in many ways. My project concerns information about what the city offers its citizens and visitors: cultural and sporting events, for example, places for eating and drinking, monuments to visit.

info simplicity_logo

This kind of information is currently represented in many ways – posters, flyers, websites etc. – but there is usually no general location whre one can find all the information about a city, from the most to the least important. So my project manages the information of medium-to-large cities, using all the possibilities that the technology today offers. The target users are both citizens and tourists.

SimpliCity, the name of the project, show its main intended characteristic: the “simplicity” of how it looks and of how it is used. It starts from a clean and simple image like its logo, and the two-way name of which indicates the main aim: to show the city in an easier and uncomplicated way.

After initial research into the users’ desires and needs, I decided the main requirements of the service:
– to give information about an event or location (what? when? where?)
– the integration of an interactive map (using Google Maps Mobile for the mobile application)
– to create different filters for the search, allowing users to personalize their choice
– the possibility of sending information via e-mail, SMS/MMS
– the possibility of using the mobile phone to inform, and thus appropriate software and extension for WAP surfing.


I then broadly categorized the items which might be searched for in a medium-to-large city. The categories are:
– Events (all cultural or entertainment events, which usually change over time and can be temporary or permanent)
– Food & Drinks (all locations offers refreshment)
– Places to see (like museums and monuments).


The video below shows short scenarios of the use of the entire service.