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Marco Zamarato cv

marco.zamarato[at] / +39 3498607579 /

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  • Scientific High School.
  • Undergraduate degree in Communication Science and Technology at IULM University, Milan.
  • Additional studies in scriptwriting at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice.
  • Graduate degree in Visual and Multimedia Communication, specialised in Interaction Design.


  • I am currently working on my thesis project – Narrative Design – developing tools, strategies and workshop to help designers and companies learn more about storytelling and how they could use it in problem setting and generating new ideas.
  • In summer 2007 I spent four months at IDEO London. I worked with different teams on user observation/testing activities, interface design and prototyping. I participated in building the interactive games for their Big Wednesday event.
  • I am one of the contributors and developers of Random Clapping, the IUAV Interaction Design student website.
  • Before studying IxD in Venice I worked as a freelancer in Milan, writing for cinema magazines, creating radio programmes for RAI RadioDUE and helping managing public events.
  • I am particularly interested in strategic analysis, concept development and process planning but I have good prototyping skills with Adobe illustrator, Indesign, Flash (AS 2 and 3), Processing and Python (for mobile phones development). I can work on A/V production and post-production (Final Cut pro, After Effects, Logic Audio, Pro Tools).


Mother tongue: Italian. I speak and write English well, and have school-level French.



narrative design

Narrative design [thesis project] / A brainstorming and design method based on the use of storytelling as a creative tool. [more]



Aequilibrium [in collaboration with Margherita Urbani] / Installation for the Rialto Fish-Market in Venice about the fragile balance between humans and the venetian lagoon. [more]



MASH / I worked with the Red Cross volunteers developing a system to help them keep in touch with each other and knowing more about people they helped. [more]



FLAG [in collaboration with Margherita Urbani] / A little mobile application that lets visitors decide which are the most interesting pavilions in the Venice Biennale art fair and help new visitors in a hurry to decide which to visit. [more]


pidublu / More videos and pictures on my website (some contents are in Italian).