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…SimpliCity mobile application


The mobile application is an extension of the online service designed to be used for mobile phons in different ways. Mobile devices are becoming a common means of interacting with information in everyday life. So I wanted to create a project that embraces both computer and mobile devices.

The SimpliCity mobile application can be utilized through two methods to reach the desired page:
– access by bookmarks sent by the online service
– access by semacodes, which users take as photos using their mobile phones.


flowchart_mobile The image represents the flowchart of the mobile application using the software semacode-reader. The application for the mobile phone can be downloaded directly from internet site or by WAP page. This last method is advertised in all the signage of the system (like posters or flyers of the topic in question). Users have just to send a SMS to the number written on the sign and follow the link to receive the download. The software is a Java application that decodes the semacode that the user has taken as picture with the camera phone, and links the page to the phone browser of the topic in question. The application bridges between the semacode and the link to the information.

Each event or location has its own semacode, and the page dedicated to it is a simplified page of the main online service, made distinctive for every topic and adapted for the small screen. From the main page of every topic it is possible to execute actions like:
– viewing the information about it
– seeing information about the price of tickets, where to buy them and how to book them
– reading and writing comments
– viewing the map of the location or discover a route using the integrated Google Maps Mobile.


Here is an interface flow for a simple use of the service to book a ticket:



To present the mobile part of the project, I’ve developed a step-by-step simulation in Flash Lite that can be used in reality with my Nokia N73. Here is a video simulation using an emulator of the phone:

A demo video of the prototype presented for the thesis above or in the link:

Demo of mobile application (example: how to book a concert ticket)