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A serious game for sustainability

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The first iteration of GreenFit achieved third place at the Samsung Young Design Awards in 2008. It was designed to raise awareness about sustainability through social media hooks and game mechanics, and to facilitate a transition to a more conscientious lifestyle for individuals, and communities as a whole.

GreenFit 2.0 remains faithful to the original concept, however, the social media landscape and average user’s awareness has changed dramatically since 2008. This iteration takesadvantage of new technologies introduced since its predecessor’s release, and I have enhanced the user experience by drawing from the improved knowledge and experience I have gained during the course of my studies and professional experiences.

Design Notes

The major challenge was to leverage the game mechanics in order to offer an engaging energy management experience through short and mid-term goals (achievements) and clever infodesign.


App features overview
(In Italian with English subtitles)