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OnAir: Broadcast your playlist

23 April 2012 – 9.53 am

The evolution of music listening in the contemporary era is becoming more private. OnAir is a smartphone application that instead uses music as a vehicle for social relations and has been designed to create a community of music lovers.
The app transforms an ordinary smartphone into a radio station, allowing the user to create and share live playlists. [More]

Andante: a music application to explore cities

13 April 2012 – 5.53 pm

Andante is a musical application for mobile devices aimed at music lovers. The software can be used in any city and is based on a sonification process which translates the urban landscape in a real-time musical composition. Andante create a relation between the users and the environment around them in a poetic way, making the exploration of the urban landscape more pleasant and creative. [more]


TuneUp: A sound application to manage teenagers’ diabetes

10 April 2012 – 5.12 pm

TuneUp is an application for mobile devices that helps diabetic teenagers with the technical and emotional management of their condition by creating a sound image which represents collected glucose data. The app aims to increase knowledge about the daily management of diabetes and, , through sound, emphasise the importance of proper self-management. [More]

Performair: music for offices

3 May 2010 – 7.16 pm

Performair is an audio-visual interactive installation which ‘misuses’ traditional office devices—printers, modems, scanners etc.— to play together as elements of an unconventional orchestra. Performair aims to awake the everyday user from a state of cerebral numbness caused by the present proliferation of technological devices. By reappraising traditional devices, new ways of auditory and visual communication can be explored.

Performair: Music for offices

3 May 2010 – 11.01 am

Performair is an audio-visual interactive installation which ‘misuses’ traditional office devices – printers, modems, scanners etc. – originally designed for other functions, to play together as elements of an unconventional orchestra. A classical orchestra performs a piece from a score—a text. Performair’s texts enable devices to play like musical instruments. [More]

Demo: A game about democracy

4 April 2010 – 9.50 am


Demo is a video game to encourage people to take an interest in the democratic process. It allows users to play and compose music together—but in order to play they must first read news items and vote on opinion polls taken from Yahoo! News: Politics. The research’s target audience is teenagers and young people, aiming to involve them in political debate and make them understand media bias and the importance of free information. [More]

OTTO: An electronic musical instrument

19 May 2009 – 11.51 am

otto_iconOTTO allows the manipulation of audio samples in real time by means of a strong physical interaction, supported by clear visual feedback. The controls use the electronic music technique called Beat Slicing—cutting a rhythmic audio sample into little pieces which can then be rearranged in different ways to change the flow of the beat and create rhythmic sections which unfold during the performance. [More]

Riffle: shared music composition on the web

23 April 2008 – 1.50 pm

riffle - music networkRiffle is a social-software project that allows on-line interaction between musicians who create music using samples. Thanks to this software musicians are put in touch with each other to exchange ideas and work on music together. The aim of RIFFLE is to find new on-line interaction possibilities for people, using existing applications and systems. [More]

Sketch a tune: web radio community

23 April 2008 – 1.20 pm

Sketch a tune is a web application for an interactive radio community with a social network mind-set. Sketch-a-Tune starts from the analysis of the Italian radio programme, “Eclettica” (dj Giulio Caperdoni); it aims to provide a catalyst for the flux of the djs’ and listeners’ info/sensations. Music is the core of the project especially as Sketch a tune becomes a bridge between us and our emotions. [More]