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Explore your emotions

Inspired by the ancient engraving found at Apollo’s Oracle in Delphi, “Know Thyself”, Eye enlarges our understanding of our body and our mind by creating a simple and intuitive window that acts as a tool for unlocking the hidden characteristics of our personal data.


The device prototype collects data gathered by a diverse range of existing applications and wearable devices, combines these sources on one unique screen, and integrates them by displaying the information at a daily resolution. By fusing and analysing all such data, Eye reveals to its users the many subtle ways in which their daily behaviour affects their living, and causes, or eases fluctuating feelings of discomfort and stress. Eye captures individual habits, actions, and their patterns, and comes upon request with a user-tailored series of remedies that can aid them in finding balance, and peace of body and mind.

How it works

Under the label of “Today”, Eye displays the data gathered by a user from morning to evening, from the meals he enjoyed to the places he visited. User can access in real-time from this display detailed descriptions of each entry.


Under “Mood”, the application provides its user with the parallel opportunity to register and keep track of the sensations that accompany him throughout the day.


Eye stimulates users to set reasonable personal goals, and helps to achieve them with reduced effort, by providing them with the tools that are necessary for understanding, and appreciating, each step in their progress.


Given current market demands and consumer interest trends, which breed new applications and new wearable devices dedicated to the collection of personal data every week, coupled with the sometime disconcerting and stressful conditions that make up our ever-changing modern lifestyle, Eye represents a strong and timely solution for supporting individual behaviour change, and for guiding people towards the achievement of a mindful improvement in their quality of life.


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