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Remote collaboration

Life Link, a caring life monitoring system for empty nesters

16 April 2014 – 5.42 pm


Life Link is a monitoring equipment set. It is aimed to monitor the elderly user’s physical conditions, and to warn his child whether an emergency arises; meanwhile also reminds the children to frequently contact their beloved parent.[more]

farAway: Emotional devices for divorced parents and teenagers

31 March 2014 – 4.16 pm

Cothere iconfarAway is a system to strengthen relations between parents and adolescent children who have to face a divorce. It provides the possibility of sharing simple emotions and feelings,  creating intimacy through non- verbal communication. farAway supports the important  relationship of a child and his or her absent parent, maintaining the presence of each in the other’s life. [more]

A on Mars: Social cognition development for autistic children

29 April 2013 – 4.05 pm

A on Mars is a system composed of three devices, designed to assist the therapeutic activity of autistic children or with social cognition disorders. The system follows the child in everyday life, helping him or her to understand facial expressions of the people with whom it interacts. During therapy it supports the therapist as a tool to arouse children’s empathy.[More]

Communio: Intergenerational communication in a system of volunteers.

27 April 2013 – 9.49 pm

Communio aims to restore contact between old and young people through an exchange of help in a system of voluntary work: an exchange of information and lessons for the mutual benefit and enrichment of old and young. Older people provide the skills and experience of work accumulated over their lifetimes, while young people provide a link with development and technological innovation.[More]

Fulcra: A Platform for Disaster Relief Assistance by Online Volunteers

18 April 2012 – 10.22 am

Fulcra is a digital platform, accessed through the web, for aid relief organizations to crowdsource menial tasks related to information management. This community of volunteers helps the aid workers by organizing, rating and finding information that can help coordinate a better response. Tasks can include information bulletins with updates taken from the Internet on the disaster, contextual reports for assessing the social and cultural aspects of the area where the aid worker will be deployed. [more]

Demo: A game about democracy

4 April 2010 – 9.50 am


Demo is a video game to encourage people to take an interest in the democratic process. It allows users to play and compose music together—but in order to play they must first read news items and vote on opinion polls taken from Yahoo! News: Politics. The research’s target audience is teenagers and young people, aiming to involve them in political debate and make them understand media bias and the importance of free information. [More]

Wallstation: A web application to support designing

19 May 2009 – 11.46 am

Ico WallStationWallStation is a web application for virtual teams which aims to solve some of the problems of today’s internet applications. Current applications typically end up as lists of files, very different from the whiteboards that many designers, working together in one place, use for keeping track of a project. WallStation takes the metaphor of the pinboard, allowing representations of pictures and documents to be grouped visually. [More]

Riffle: shared music composition on the web

23 April 2008 – 1.50 pm

riffle - music networkRiffle is a social-software project that allows on-line interaction between musicians who create music using samples. Thanks to this software musicians are put in touch with each other to exchange ideas and work on music together. The aim of RIFFLE is to find new on-line interaction possibilities for people, using existing applications and systems. [More]

Sketch a tune: web radio community

23 April 2008 – 1.20 pm

Sketch a tune is a web application for an interactive radio community with a social network mind-set. Sketch-a-Tune starts from the analysis of the Italian radio programme, “Eclettica” (dj Giulio Caperdoni); it aims to provide a catalyst for the flux of the djs’ and listeners’ info/sensations. Music is the core of the project especially as Sketch a tune becomes a bridge between us and our emotions. [More]