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Information systems

U R V S: Visualizing debates and government activity in a city

16 April 2015 – 10.13 am

URVS URVS is a digital project for the city of Venice starting from its complexity and uniqueness—particularly the fact that people move around the city on foot. URVS enables people to vote on proposals related to current interventions, proposals and debates, representing the mood of the citizens through the metaphor of the weather.

Liquid Space: manage, organize, and personalize your study method

24 April 2014 – 3.31 pm
2014-liquid space - 122x122.png

Liquid Space is a service, accessed through a tablet application, that allows college students to manage, organize, and personalize their study. In this application the student can shape the digital space as he or she wishes, adapting it to his personal study methods. The service not only brings together everything a student needs for studying but also helps manage his or her academic career. [more]

Duo: a supportive tool for couple counselor

23 April 2014 – 5.30 pm

Duo project is part of the psychological counselling system for couples. Its goal is the improvement of dysfunctional communicative situations. It’s a system composed by tablets and smartphones that working interconnected allow the councelor to get closer to the couple itself. Thanks to a series of specific functions, partners can easily record events and emotions related to episodes of ineffective communication. [more]

Fulcra: A Platform for Disaster Relief Assistance by Online Volunteers

18 April 2012 – 10.22 am

Fulcra is a digital platform, accessed through the web, for aid relief organizations to crowdsource menial tasks related to information management. This community of volunteers helps the aid workers by organizing, rating and finding information that can help coordinate a better response. Tasks can include information bulletins with updates taken from the Internet on the disaster, contextual reports for assessing the social and cultural aspects of the area where the aid worker will be deployed. [more]

Heart Lift: Telemonitoring service for skiers with heart problems

3 May 2010 – 11.20 am

Heart Lift is a telemonitoring system for heart patients who want to practise physical activities in the mountains. It could be an important help in the rehabilitation process, since its aim is to reassure the user and to teach him a more constructive approach to the data that comes from the monitoring devices. A headset and glove communicate the skier’s situation in a clear and unambiguous way. [More]

Tondo: Multitouch table for clincal audits

3 May 2010 – 10.40 am

Every year a huge number of medical mistakes injure and kill hospital patients. In many cases these errors are preventable. It is important to make the medical system safer and to increase the quality of the patient’s life during hospitalization. One of the most useful methods to analyze and prevent incidents reoccuring is the clinical audit, a meeting organized by a facilitator, who is a physician responsible for clinical risk. [More]

Dropple: Research into the interactive and social visualization of information

19 May 2009 – 12.07 pm

DroppleDropple is an interactive web application to show statistics about the water domestic consumption in a thought-provoking manner. It tries to raise awareness by providing people with a simple framework for monitoring and analysing their lifestyles and its impact on society, and help them change their behaviour. Designed for ordinary people, the project aims to achieve simplicity and immediacy through good graphic design, spontaneous interaction and an engaging graphic mood. [More]

Trace: Create, share, find travel experiences

19 May 2009 – 11.47 am

TraceTrace is the study of an iPhone software application and its graphic interface. It allows people to record and share their routes and experiences. The user-generated, geotagged travel contents comprise notes, tips, photos, videos and audio recordings. People can contribute individually to broadening or modifying existing routes, characterizing and making them unique. The software and service- system is applied to the Parco Naturale dei Castelli Romani, a national park near Rome. [More]

Wallstation: A web application to support designing

19 May 2009 – 11.46 am

Ico WallStationWallStation is a web application for virtual teams which aims to solve some of the problems of today’s internet applications. Current applications typically end up as lists of files, very different from the whiteboards that many designers, working together in one place, use for keeping track of a project. WallStation takes the metaphor of the pinboard, allowing representations of pictures and documents to be grouped visually. [More]

SimpliCity: multi-channel event and location guide

23 April 2008 – 1.40 pm

riffle - music networkSimpliCity is a service that offers the city an innovative way to improve the visibility of events and locations, integrating the physical and virtual world. It brings technological innovation to the distribution of information, that today can satisfy people’s request for multi-modality and access to information in different ways using different devices in different places. [More]

Typographr: a font-finding tool

23 April 2008 – 1.10 pm

Typographr is an innovative computer application that allows designers to search for fonts in a much more intuitive way. Search results are laid out on a cartesian plane, with axes that can be defined according to parameters appropriate for the project in hand. The application allows you to hide fonts you know you don’t want and to focus in on directions that can emerge as you search. [More]