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U R V S: Visualizing debates and government activity in a city

16 April 2015 – 10.13 am

URVS URVS is a digital project for the city of Venice starting from its complexity and uniqueness—particularly the fact that people move around the city on foot. URVS enables people to vote on proposals related to current interventions, proposals and debates, representing the mood of the citizens through the metaphor of the weather.

Liquid Space: manage, organize, and personalize your study method

24 April 2014 – 3.31 pm
2014-liquid space - 122x122.png

Liquid Space is a service, accessed through a tablet application, that allows college students to manage, organize, and personalize their study. In this application the student can shape the digital space as he or she wishes, adapting it to his personal study methods. The service not only brings together everything a student needs for studying but also helps manage his or her academic career. [more]


14 April 2014 – 4.38 am

Mneme is a smartphone application for museum mainly for guys, aged between 20 and 30 years old, with little knowledge in the field of art. The application is designed to educate and encourage to visit the museum, trying to create a better awareness from this type of user art’s world.


12 April 2014 – 4.59 pm
Diallog logo

Diallog is a mobile application that allows people to communicate publicly or privately exclusively by voice and sound. The app is a social phone service—a hybrid between a voice call and a text message. Users can record and share sound fragments, through a voice or touch interface, and can pin them to geographical locations to make them discoverable by other users of the service. [More]


10 April 2014 – 2.09 pm
diQua icon

diQua is a mobile app created for the celebration of the Centenary of the First World War. It allows people exploring the place and learning the history directly in an Open Air Musuem thanks to some beacons located along the area. Each beacon sends directly to the user, when he is near to the sensor, some contents related to its position. [more…]

Mercà. Il tuo Mercato a chilometro minimo.

12 April 2013 – 4.44 am

Mercà is a service and a smartphone application for the direct selling of fresh local food. It aims to establish a direct relationship between consumers and growers/suppliers in order to make people aware of the importance of their choices.[More]

Terrarium: Living maps

11 April 2013 – 11.46 pm

Terrarium is a mobile geographic information system that keeps track of the user’s movements to progressively build a personal geography. It helps them remember the places they have been to and reach new places based on their past knowledge: the representation of the world it gives is subjective, adapted only to the user and based on the information he or she personally recorded. [More]

a new way for citizen and public administration to communicate

10 April 2013 – 11.08 am

Tutti Contano allows citizens to explore the balance of public services managed by a township, to express their needs through a system of choices of savings and investments in different sectors, to compare their own balance with the actual one and the one calculated by the average choices of all citizens.

OnAir: Broadcast your playlist

23 April 2012 – 9.53 am

The evolution of music listening in the contemporary era is becoming more private. OnAir is a smartphone application that instead uses music as a vehicle for social relations and has been designed to create a community of music lovers.
The app transforms an ordinary smartphone into a radio station, allowing the user to create and share live playlists. [More]

Andante: a music application to explore cities

13 April 2012 – 5.53 pm

Andante is a musical application for mobile devices aimed at music lovers. The software can be used in any city and is based on a sonification process which translates the urban landscape in a real-time musical composition. Andante create a relation between the users and the environment around them in a poetic way, making the exploration of the urban landscape more pleasant and creative. [more]


TuneUp: A sound application to manage teenagers’ diabetes

10 April 2012 – 5.12 pm

TuneUp is an application for mobile devices that helps diabetic teenagers with the technical and emotional management of their condition by creating a sound image which represents collected glucose data. The app aims to increase knowledge about the daily management of diabetes and, , through sound, emphasise the importance of proper self-management. [More]

FontUp! daily training through play

3 May 2010 – 11.26 am

The number of available fonts grow continously: memorizing, recognizing and identifying them is difficult. Inspired by the Brain Training video games developed by Nintendo, FontUp is a new way to learn, an alternative method to be used in parallel with books. It uses play as a tool for memorizing complex forms using an intuitive visual approach based on comparison. [More]

Spook: Interactive museum guide for children

3 May 2010 – 10.53 am

Spook is a smart-phone application for children that aims to make their relationship with traditional museums, often designed with adults in mind, more fun and enjoyable. To make children remember the beauty of what they see and the importance of the experience, it is fundamental to give them a new point of view, a different layer of information that catches their attention. [More]

Demo: A game about democracy

4 April 2010 – 9.50 am


Demo is a video game to encourage people to take an interest in the democratic process. It allows users to play and compose music together—but in order to play they must first read news items and vote on opinion polls taken from Yahoo! News: Politics. The research’s target audience is teenagers and young people, aiming to involve them in political debate and make them understand media bias and the importance of free information. [More]

Greengrowers: A location-based game for Venice

19 May 2009 – 12.06 pm

Greengrowers logo Greengrowers is a location-based game for iPhone. Using GPS technology, players can plant virtual seeds in Venetian squares: the aim is to grow and make virtual plants bloom before others do. To make their plants grow, players can use (site-specific) humus, water and sun (from real weather data), and an increasing set of tools. Winners receive real seeds that local institutions will plant in the players’ favourite square. [More]

Laundrym: An interactive laundrette service

19 May 2009 – 12.02 pm

The aim of Laundrym is to make an ecological and useful service both attractive and convenient. The project concerns both a mobile phone service that allows people to reserve and monitor machines and to contact their friends to arrange to socialise while their laundry is being done, as well as the design of a simple interface (using RFID technology) for a highly complex washing machine. [More]

Trace: Create, share, find travel experiences

19 May 2009 – 11.47 am

TraceTrace is the study of an iPhone software application and its graphic interface. It allows people to record and share their routes and experiences. The user-generated, geotagged travel contents comprise notes, tips, photos, videos and audio recordings. People can contribute individually to broadening or modifying existing routes, characterizing and making them unique. The software and service- system is applied to the Parco Naturale dei Castelli Romani, a national park near Rome. [More]

SimpliCity: multi-channel event and location guide

23 April 2008 – 1.40 pm

riffle - music networkSimpliCity is a service that offers the city an innovative way to improve the visibility of events and locations, integrating the physical and virtual world. It brings technological innovation to the distribution of information, that today can satisfy people’s request for multi-modality and access to information in different ways using different devices in different places. [More]