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Automatic Therapy Machine

ATM is a service that allows people who are anxious or stressed to become more mindful of themselves and increase their well-being through an automatic system that consists of an automatic machine placed in the city, and an app.

Set in a consumerist context, in which services are becoming more and more automatic, ATM is camouflaged in the city as its configuration is similar to a normal cash dispenser: an ATM to deposit thoughts and a mobile phone app to manage them and monitor their trends. The way the user interacts with these touchpoints is an important design topic, since it’s based on the different emotional conditions that characterize the activities of the user during the two main phases of use.

Writing: to express

The first, which takes place in the street at the ATM, consists of writing with pen and paper to allow users to express their thoughts fluently. The meaning of the deposited text is decoded by the system, which generates a juxtaposition of sounds, resulting in a kind of symphony.

Reading: to understand
The second phase, enjoyed with the app, is when the author and the reader — that is, the user and the user himself — come into contact. It takes place in the privacy of the user’s home and consists of reading what was written during the experience at the ATM and in the rational analysis of the content.

The thesis
The challenge of this project was to use interaction design tools not to develop a new product to be launched in the market, but to develop people’s individuality and personality. ATM is intended to highlight a social problem and be a proof of concept to indicate a potential for a real service for the public. This could help people not to get lost in the frenzy of contemporary everyday life and increase their well-being.

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