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Social cognition development system for autistic children

A on Mars is a system composed of three devices, designed to assist the therapeutic activity of children who are autistic or have social cognition disorders. The system follows the child in everyday life, helping him or her to understand the facial expressions of the people with whom he interacts. During therapy it supports the therapist as a tool to arouse children’s empathy.

A On Mars can capture the facial expressions of a person placed in front of the child and return the corresponding facial expression with a graphic synthesis on a screen and reieforce the emotion with movements during the therapy.

See the report below.

The system consists of three physical devices and a web app. The three devices are: A-Cam, a video camera that captures facial expressions, A-Face, a screen placed on the wrist showing graphic correspondences of facial expressions, A-Doll, a “puppet” that, matched to the screen of A-Face, shows not only the terms but makes them live with movement.

The web-app “A on Mars” serves as a hub for the exchange of information between parents and therapists, and to collect information independently from devices. This allows you to have an account of activities performed both at home and during therapy.