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A supportive tool for couple counselor


Duo project is part of the psychological counselling system for couples. Its goal is the improvement of dysfunctional communicative situations. It’s a system composed by tablets and smartphones that working interconnected allow the councelor to get closer to the couple itself. Thanks to a series of specific functions, partners can easily record events and emotions related to episodes of ineffective communication.
This information stored and shared, will allow the councelor to examine the dynamics of the couple both during the week and from a more intimate point of view.
In this way the councelor may use a tool, based on the “four-sides model”, to help the couple in developing a widen gaze on how to dialogue with the partner.


Misunderstanding, discomfort and incomprehension can be the feelings that exist in a couple relationship. These kind of emotion can bring the partners to feel far away from each other. For this reason the partners could learn how to recognize these strong emotions to gain understand of their needs and desire.
A new awareness will help the couple to develope more effective and responsible communication skills.
When the couple is deeply in crisis sometimes it can be useful an external help give by an expert such as a counselor. Exactly at this point, Duo will be an innovative tool to improve the therapy path.

The concept

Despite the scope and topics studied, such as communication in a couple context and emotions involved in it, are difficult to analyze, the introduction of innovative tools and methods made possible to provide the counselor with new resources, which allowed him to identify and display information -otherwise difficult to track down- that promoted new opportunities for exchange, exploration and direct investigation along with the couple.

How it works