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Waiting before the chat room door

17 April 2014 – 11.55 pm

Waiting before the chat room door is a speculation and an interactive installation revolving around chat rooms and their teenage users in the late Nineties and early Two-thousands. It aims at showing that such things as digital places existed (and still exist), and that the divide between physical and digital places is sometimes a matter of intensity, not quality. [Read More]

Footprints: Interactive storytelling for parents and children

14 April 2013 – 7.02 pm

Footprints is a network of interactive objects for creating and sharing illustrated stories between parents and children. The project’s aim is to involve parents into their children’s everyday lives, by sharing an intimate moment like telling a story. Footprints is especially conceived for modern working parents, often busy, who are away from family life and find it difficult to follow their children’s growth and development. [More]

AEDO: making data meaningful

23 April 2008 – 2.00 pm

aedo, making data meaningfulAedo symbolizes the effort to develop a system that produces self-explanatory data visualizations, focused not on the representation of numbers but on their meaning. Via random selections of datasets, the application can build tales based on the data, uncovering in a visual and narrative way the stories behind the numbers, and giving a solid context to understand their meaning. [More]

Narrative design: a tool for designers

23 April 2008 – 1.00 pm

nd_small.pngHaving studied narrative for my undergraduate degree, my hypothesis was that storytelling could be more systematically used as a creative instrument for designers to generate and develop innovative projects. I made and tested a narrative toolkit containing basic notions of Narratology and tools to increase designers’ understanding of storytelling and help them to develop a narrative approach to design. [More]