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After finishing their two years, these Iuav graduate students do an individual thesis project on a self-chosen theme, presented finally as a report document and a public lecture. This page lists the Interaction Design thesis projects supervised by Gillian Crampton Smith, Davide Rocchesso, Raimonda Riccini and Philip Tabor in the Faculty of Design and Arts from 2006 to 2014. The designers work independently over about six months, with tutorials typically every two weeks. Emphasis is on originality, wit and rigour.

The tabs above allow you to search the projects by theme or year. To browse by theme, click the THEMES tab and use the sidebar to filter the summaries.

The project pages have links to download the reports (mostly in Italian), and personal websites. There are also profiles of the most recent graduates.

spacer white 16×16 2015

2015_16x16_urvs URVS: Visualizing debates and government activity in a city Ruggero Baracco

spacer white 16×16 2014

2014_16x16_cothere-01 Cothere: A web application tracking coworking activities Andrea Micco

Diallog logo Diallog: A social phone Mariano Viola

2014_16x16_diQua diQua: an app for exploring Great War places Stella Morelli

2014_16x16_DUO Duo: a supportive tool for couple conselor Valeria Sanguin 

2014_16x16_farAway-01 farAway: Emotional devices for divorced parents and teenagers Dante Fusco

icon-mini Life Link: a caring life monitoring system for empty nesters Fei YU

2014-liquid space - 16x16 Liquid Space: manage, organize, and personalize your study method Luigi Frettoloso

2014_16x16_EYE  Eye, Explore Your Emotions Martina Maitan

Ludens Ludens: Gamification for schools Luca Migliore

2014_16x16_Mneme Mneme: your own museum journey Ricardo Tamagno

2014_16x16_pinch Pinch: system for chronic pain management Loris Bottello

Waiting before the chat room door: An interactive installation about going online as teenagers in the late Nineties and early Two-thousands Ruggero Castagnola

spacer white 16×16 2013

   A on Mars: Social cognition development system for autistic children Paolo Decaro

  ATM: Automatic Therapy Machine Amanda Rezza

  The Ark: Immersive storytelling in historic/urban environments Paolo Basso

  Communio: Intergenerational volunteer system Francesca Pizzutilo

   Cooking Naturally: Infodomestico in cucina Fabio Nucatolo

   Footprints: Interactive storytelling for parents and children Simone Capano

lexis_logo   Lexis il mostro: Interactive game to support dyslexic children Claudia Miliziano

    Mercà: Your minimum km market. Daniele Muscella

   Terrarium: Living maps Damiano Gui

  Tutti Contano: Citizens and local government communicate Alice Mortaro

spacer white 16×16 2012
Andante: A music application to explore cities Gianni Cardone

 Dibble: Old tools for new tangible interfaces Nicola Vittori

 Fulcra: A Platform for Disaster Relief Assistance by Online Volunteers Alberto Elizondo

VC_OnAir16x16 OnAir: Broadcast your playlist Valerio Calimici

 Languages: Interactive online museum of man-machine languages Fosca Salvi

 TummyTunes: A communication tool for extended families Silvia Boscolo

 TuneUp: A sound application to manage teenagers’ diabetes Carla Piazza

spacer white 16×16 2011

Aura: Communicating wearables for parents-to-be Marco Righetto

Briciole: A table-game for children about healthy eating Maria Gabriella Astolfo

GreenFit: A serious game for sustainability Alessandro Filippi

  I Mirabilia: Interactive dolls for hospitalized children Erika Rossi

pigmento: Learning about colour synthesis Giuseppe Burdo

SPL/T: A social network of things Alberto Moro


Famfizzys: Interactive toys to produce electricity using the human body Chiara Toncich

FontUp! Daily training through play Claudia De Angelis

Heart Lift: Telemonitoring service for skiers with heart problems Laura Bordin

Performair: Music for offices Lorenzo Cercelletta

Spook: Interactive museum guide for children Valentina Venza

Tondo: Interactive multitouch table for clinical audits Valeria Donati

spacer white 16×16 2009

demologosmall Demo: A videogame about democracy Nicola Plaisant

dropple-logo-16 Dropple: Interactive and social visualization of information Alice Lucchin

gg_minilogo Greengrowers: A location-based game for the city of Venice Ivan Provenzale

Laundrym16Laundrym: An interactive laundry service Martina Pagura

logo OTTO: An electronic music instrument Luca De Rosso

speaking_skin_18x18Speaking Skin: Interactivity in architcture Monica Zambolin

tracelogo Trace: Create, share, find travel experiencesDavide Cocchi

wallstation WallStation: Web application to support designing Benito Condemi de Felice

spacer white 16×162008

aedo_f_icon AEDO: Making data meaningful Miguel Cabanzo

sketch-a-tune 18×18 Narrative Design: A tool for designers Marco Zamarato

riffle - icon Riffle: Shared music composition on the web Francesco Fraioli

Pamela 18×18 SimpliCity: Multi-channel event and location guide Pamela Moscarda

sketch-a-tune 18×18 Sketch a tune: Web radio community Giovanna Nicosia

Typographr 16×16 Typographr: A font tool for designers Margherita Urbani

spacer white 16×16 2007

isloghino.png Inspiration Seeker: Creative design tool Claudia Zanon

seemytone18x A gift service Valentina Rachiele

taggla18x Taggla: Social software Francesco Mondelli Saverio

talkingvenice16x Talking Venice: Interactive guide Francesca Burato