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AEDO: Making data meaningful
Miguel Cabanzo

aedo, making data meaningfulAedo symbolizes the effort to develop a system that produces self-explanatory data visualizations, focused not on the repre-sentation of numbers but on their meaning. Via random selections of datasets, the application can build tales based on the data, uncovering in a visual and narrative way the stories behind the numbers, and giving a solid context to understand their meaning.

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Narrative Design: A tool for designers

Marco Zamarato

nd_small.pngHaving studied narrative for my undergraduate degree, my hypothesis was that storytelling could be more systematically used as a creative instrument for designers to generate and develop innovative projects. I made and tested a narrative toolkit containing basic notions of narratology which helps designers develop a narrative approach to design.

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Riffle: Shared music composition on the web
Francesco Fraioli

riffle - music networkRiffle is a social-software project that allows on-line interaction between musicians who create music using samples. Thanks to this software musicians are put in touch with each other to exchange ideas and work on music together. The aim of RIFFLE is to find new on-line interaction possibilities for people using existing applications and systems.

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SimpliCity: Multi-channel event and location guide
Pamela Moscarda

riffle - music networkSimpliCity is a service that offers the city an innovative way to improve the visibility of events and locations, integrating the physical and virtual world. It brings technological innovation to the distribution of information, that today can satisfy people’s request for multi-modality and access to information in different ways using different devices in different places.

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Sketch a tune: Web radio community
Giovanna Nicosia

Sketch a tune is a web application for an interactive radio community with a social network mind-set. Sketch a tune starts from the analysis of the Italian radio programme Eclettica (DJ: Giulio Caperdoni); it aims to provide a catalyst for the flux of the DJ’s and listeners’ info/sensations. Music is the core of the project especially as Sketch a tune becomes a bridge between us and our emotions.

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Typographr: A font tool for designers
Margherita Urbani

Typographr is an innovative computer application that allows designers to search for fonts in a much more intuitive way. Search results are laid out on a cartesian plane, with axes that can be defined according to parameters appropriate for the project in hand. The application allows you to hide fonts you know you don’t want and to focus in on directions that can emerge as you search.