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A web application tracking coworking activities


Cothere, a web application for mobile devices, tracks coworking activities between freelances. Starting from the recent phenomenon of global coworking (sharing a physical space and its resources with a focus on building a community), the project was developed to allow freelances to create a network for working environments, where collaboration and direct relations between people are preferable to remote communication, in a scenario of freelances’ isolation condition at home. The project, focused on local contexts, is structured to be flexible and adaptable to different areas. The aim is to improve freelances’ working life to achieve better creative outcome enriched by mutual cooperation and a more conscious social environment.

How it works
Through the metaphor of a tracking daily tool, the freelance can share individual or collective activities with the aid of suitable automation tools. Recording an activity consists on a fast tracking divided in two steps: a writing tool (with suggestions loaded by shaking the device) and a time tracker. These data are shown on a local map, personalized on user location and his/her social context.


The whole service lets people discover local shared workspaces and precise locations where activities take place, simplifying the creation of new professional activities and the interaction between different fields of expertise by organizing meetups.