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Pamela Moscarda

intropage SimpliCity is a service that offers a city an innovative way to improve the visibility of events and locations, integrating the physical world with the virtual world and bringing technological innovation to the distribution of information, which today needs to be multimodal and available in different ways and different places.

My thesis presents a study and a design for a platform-based service which can be adopted by any medium-to-large city for distributing its information. The starting point of this concept was the city of Pula in Croatia, which I’ve used as an example.

The interactive service SimpliCity comprises two parts:
– an online web application, allowing the user to surf from the computer or from possible touch-screen terminals placed in many points in the city
– a mobile-phone application, connected to the main online service.

SimpliCity . index:

. Introduction and description
. SimpliCity web app
. SimpliCity mobile app