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Demo: A game about democracy
Nicola Plaisant


Demo is a video game to encourage people to take an interest in the democratic process. It allows users to play and compose music together—but in order to play they must first read news items and vote on opinion polls taken from Yahoo! News: Politics. The research’s target audience is teenagers and young people, aiming to involve them in political debate and make them understand media bias and the importance of free information.

Dropple: Research into the interactive and social visualization of information
Alice Lucchin

DroppleDropple is an interactive web application to show statistics about water domestic consumption in a thought-provoking manner. It raises awareness by providing people with a simple framework for monitoring and analysing their lifestyles and consequent impact on society, and help them change their behaviour. Designed for ordinary people, Dropple aims to achieve simplicity and immediacy through good graphic design, spontaneous interaction and an engaging graphic mood.

Greengrowers: A location-based game for Venice
Ivan Provenzale

Greengrowers logo Greengrowers is a location-based game for the iPhone. Using GPS technology, players can plant virtual seeds in the squares of Venice the aim is to grow virtual plants and make  bloom before others do. To make their plants grow, players use (site-specific) humus, water and sun (from real weather data), and an increasing set of tools. Winners receive real seeds that local institutions will plant in the players’ favourite square.

Laundrym: An interactive laundrette
Martina Pagura

Laundrym aims to make an ecological and useful service both attractive and convenient. It comprises a mobile phone service that allows people to reserve and monitor machines and to contact their friends to arrange to meet while their laundry is being done, as well as the design of a simple interface (using RFID technology) for a highly complex washing machine.

OTTO: An electronic musical instrument
Luca De Rosso

otto_iconOTTO allows the manipulation of audio samples in real time by means of a strong physical interaction supported by clear visual feedback. The controls use the electronic music technique ‘beat slicing’—cutting a rhythmic audio sample into little pieces which can then be rearranged in different ways to change the flow of the beat and create rhythmic sections which unfold during the performance.

Speaking Skin: Degrees of interactivity in architectural envelopes
Monica Zambolin

Speaking Skin researches the relationship between contemporary architecture and interaction design. It demonstrates how, and with what technologies, an architectural envelope can be interactive. The thesis distinguishes between three levels of activity: passive, in which the facade changes independently of the viewer; reactive, where the facade reacts to an outside stimulus such as the weather; and interactive, a mutual exchange of information between the viewer and the facade.

Trace: Create, share, find travel experiences
Davide Cocchi

TraceTrace is a project for an iPhone software application and its graphic interface. It allows people to record and share their routes and experiences. The user-generated, geotagged travel contents comprise notes, tips, photos, videos and audio recordings. People can contribute individually to broadening or modifying existing routes, characterizing and making them unique. The software and service system is applied to the Parco Naturale dei Castelli Romani, a national park near Rome.

WallStation: A web application to support designing
Benito Condemi de Felice


WallStation is a web application for designers collaborating on the same project but in different places. Current applications typically produce lists of files, very different from the wallboards that many designers, working together in one place, use to keep track of a project. WallStation takes the metaphor of the pinboard, allowing representations of pictures and documents to be grouped visually.
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