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A sound application to manage teenagers’ diabetes

TuneUp is an application for mobile devices that helps diabetic teenagers with the technical and emotional management of their condition by creating a sound image which represents collected glucose data.

The application collects data about the teenager’s blood glucose levels and translates them into distortions of an audio track chosen by the user. The duration of the sound track represents the user’s day. Distortion is applied to the portion of the track connected to the part of the day in which the testing values are out of the normal range.

Video Scenario

The collected data can be edited and brought back within the optimal glycemic range through interaction with the app. This aims to increase the teenager’s knowledge about the daily management of diabetes and, through sound, emphasize the importance of proper self-management. The app also allows the user to share his/her feelings with a community of diabetic teenagers: their feedback will provide emotional support.

The app has three functional sections. TrackUp, the application’s core, manages the acquisition, display and editing of the blood glucose values; LookUp is the data archive; and FeelUp builds the network of supportive co-users.


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