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Interactive game to support the skills of dyslexic children


Lexis il mostro is an interactive game for dyslexic children which aims to support the processes of reading, memorizing and association in a kinestethic, ludic and amusing way.

It is designed for Sifteo Cubes, a new game platform with mini-screens and proximity sensors, that offers a new play experience.

How it works
Insiede Lexis are exercises, presented as mini-games, that allow the testing and development of specific skills. To encourage the dyslexic subject to test regularly, the game has been designed with a captivating character. The child has to keep a little monster through three different areas: feeding, cleaning and fun. The mini-games are included in this context and only at the end of the game is it possible to unlock some special bonus, useful for the character’s needs. Last but not least, this instrument allows teachers and parents to check the progress of the child, thanks to the data saved on the associated website.

Lexis is proposed as a tool to support and improve skills during the learning path. It differs from existing projects for dyslexic subjects in that it focuses on the cognitive and psychomotor difficulties deriving from dyslexia and aims at full emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, it is based on a multisensorial concept that allows language learning to improve through games and the use of the senses.


See here the pdf of the presentation. See more on the project website and my website.