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Users and stakeholders

The users of our application would be Venice residents, particularly book lovers, but we also think that Pint of Words could be interesting, in general, for everyone who loves pubs, books and public readings. Surely, our users should be Guinness fans.
The stakeholders are the beer company, the literary competition staff, the pub’s owner and all the people involved in the pub environment (customers, staff, etc.).


Our application tries to create a new and unusual experience in a suggestive context, a pub. We aim to provide a new way to combine literature and beer, turning a common private activity (reading) into
a curious, fascinating and engaging public experience. We strongly believe that combining the pleasure of a pint of stout with the joy of reading among friends, could be a powerful way to spread a passion for literature.

Pint of Words allows users to:

  • Transform their mobile device into a pint made of letters and texts, letting you read short masterpieces of literature;
  • Propose or check for events/readings taking place in Venice’s pubs;
  • Upload texts of all the readings they took part in to create their own personal library;
  • Invite new people to the “Pint club”;
  • Share debates and reflections among a closed group of people.

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