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Our application will be “consumed” in pubs, the ideal is an old Irish style pub, with wooden tables and good Guinness beer. This kind of  context helps us to create a particular relaxed mood: that’s why we need preferably dark and gloomy rooms.

Video scenario


Pint of Words needs a smarthphone with:
accelerometer, touch screen, gps, bluetooth, 3G connection, integrated photocamera.

During our prototyping phase, we tested our application both in a 3G and 4G Iphone, in order to use the accelerometer and the touch screen for the navigation and the pint interaction. We started developping for Apple devices, but we already imagined to adapt the code even for Android devices who uses the same tecnologies.

Step through

Flow Map of the Interactions

Here you can see how the whole application works. Click on the link, and see all the flow map.


Graphic qualities

For the navigation we choose to use a photographic style, with simple elements as buttons, and photographic elements as tools for all the differents interactions.

Navigation graphic

For the main  interaction we decided to use graphics solutions, styles and decorative elements that could turn our mobile device into a virtual pint of Guinness. We introduced a texture that would simulate the glass and its drops of condensation and that would give volume to the interface; we also worked a lot on the  fluidity of the graphical animation of the bubbles and on the creation of the letter-foam.


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