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We tried a lot of different approaches to the graphics of the application, taking inspiration from several cultural references: the world of arts ( Apollinaire’s calligrammes, the surreal panoramas of  Dalì’s paintings and Magritte’s unreal objects), oriental culture, and the foggy atmosphere of Venice.
These are some of the first drafts:
Trying to choose the more appropriate ones we ended up discarding them all. We understood that too complex backgrounds  distracted from the main element: the reed. So we made a new design, a neutral scenario, where the idea of the whisper is easier to express, without the risk of changing the original mood and sensations that are to be recorded. The fog creates a filter that marks the edge between a real sight and an imaginary vision where only the thoughts live in the form of reeds.
Shaping  the buttons took a lot of effort, as shown in these early sketches: