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Our project could have never been done without the help of our tutors guidance.

So we want first of all to thank Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor, for their constant support that guided us in developing our project.

A special thank goes to Till Nagel for giving us the possibility to take the first steps into processing and to improve the onces he gave us last year, to Bianca Cheng Costanzo, Steffen Klaue and Alberto Moro, for their support during the developing and prototyping weeks. We need to mention Bianca for her help taking part of our video scenario: thank you.

We would like to thank Daniele Muscella for his help in some of our processing codes and all our classmates for their support and patience during our video shooting. In particular we want to say thanks to Martina Maitan, Valeria Refratti, Ilaria Montanari, Alberto Elizondo, Lama Wehbe, Claudia Miliziano, Rita Petrilli, Carmen Picca, Luca Murgia and all the others who believed in our project, and encouraged us to keep going on.

We will be always thankful to Alessandro Arena for his infinite patience. We literally stole his personal iPhone for testing the code during two weeks, night and day.
We are so sorry Alessandro but it was done for a good reason: thank you!

All the images we used were taken from the web, using Google images and Flickr.
Due to the difficulty in the identification of all the real sources, we didn’t mentioned all the owners of the pictures used. So we want to apologize with everyone whose name is not present here and we would ask you to tell us if you’d like to be mentioned, sending us an email with your name and your credits; we will provide you the right recognition. Thank you.

Finally we thank  all the ones who supported us, giving suggestions and feedback, all the ones who keep us smiling and having fun even in the most difficult and under-pressure moments.
Thanks to everyone who makes this possible.

Thank You

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