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Interaction design projects

This page intoduces projects by students on the Interaction Design programme at IUAV University of Venice.


In this twelve-week design lab which meets four afternoons a week, students take people's neeeds as their starting point. They identify people for whom mobile or internet services could be useful and imagine these people's needs, motivations, hopes and fears. In their first year students do a mobile phone project, designing for the small screen; in their second year they take a more complex project. During the lab they are introduced to concepts of computation through learning to programme in the programming language Processing and make a final prototype using Processing as well as using video to demonstrate the context of the projects's use. Read about the projects


In the physical computing design lab students, working in teams, are asked to design a physical object or installation which provides information of some kind. This might be specific information like the arrival of buses or the state of the tides, or more peripheral informatin such as the movement of people in a remote location. Students learn some basic electronics and experiment with 'hacking' exisitng electronic devices such as electronic toys or keyboards to make new ones. At the end of the Lab they make a working prototype of their design. Read about the projects


At the end of their second year students start planning their thesis project which usually runs from October to April. The thesis is an individual project on a topic chosen by the student, accompanied by a report of the background to the project and the design process. See the thesis project archive site here


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Photo: Lab 2 physical computing project, ''Flyer Café', by Davide Cocchi and Luca De Rosso.