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Guinness Vintage Advertising

The graphic section of Pint of Words observes and reflects the huge production of Guinness’s advertising, keeping a chromatic uniformity with the already existing colors of the brand.

We started collecting some old Guinness posters, to be inspired by the style and the colours.


Pint of Words Advertising

We decided to develop a new kind of graphic campaign, more direct and attractive. We settled on a very simple style, on a black background, with a few elements coloured with strong, bright colours.

We also imagined to use a more serious and classical style and we produced bookmarks and pins, as small promotional gadgets.

International Literary Awards

The advertising campaign is also related to International Literary Awards, we assume in fact that during a week before the awards ceremony, all the readings of Pint of Words database would be books of the potential competition – as a ‘preview-prereading’ before the merchandising of the books that participate to Premio Strega for instance.

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