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critical reflection

Every new project is a chance to try something new, to experiment, to learn, to make mistakes, to pull yourself toward limits unexplored and our project experience was great
for all those reasons.

When we started designing we were so excited, so enthusiastic that we thought nothing could go wrong. We were mistaken, partially mistaken. It was an hard challenge: the more we worked and defined the idea, the less we were convinced by it. We supposed to have strong and believable interactions but the structure and the topic of our concept get us confused and unsatisfied: we had problem focusing the brief. We discussed a lot, we looked for references reading various books, we hypothesized different solutions and, finally, a beer saved us!

Doing an user test was, we guess, the turning point of our project developments: it convinced us. We get into the scenario and it worked: testing our Pint of Words was the best decision ever and what helped us to get into the mood were the graphic choices that combined, in a great way, our two initial graphic proposals.

Programming was a big challenge: it was hard to manage all the interactions related to the creation and composition of the text, as letters bubbles, on the screen. We had problems
due to the different response on the iPhone comparing to the one we had on the computer:
the iPhone was (and is) so much slower than the simulator.

The use of the accelerometer for the navigation didn’t reflect our expectations: the navigation wasn’t as fluid as we imagined so we changed to the drag solution for the prototype.

By the way, we are pleased with the final programming results: the animation, the navigation, all the running elements on the iPhone were a satisfying surprise for us.

We think that having more time (and being less stressed) we would develop better the accelerometer part of  the code; we would work on the passing of the reading from one user
to another and on the invitation sent via Bluetooth.

We think also that after fixing some parts on Pint of Words not yet well developed, there would be a real chance for us to present our idea to a beer company.

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