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… Teamwork

One of the most pleasant aspects of this class is that it allowed us to always work closely together, sharing ideas and thinking about them in a very collaborative way.
Because our study paths are so diverse, brainstorming was always very productive, revealing lots of ideas and much room for discussion.
As a team, our goal has been to  improve ideas and concepts that came to us individually, and to combine them in a single project.

Nicholas designed parts of the graphics, and brought them to their final shape: from the presentations of the project to the multimedia/visual communication aspects, including the storyboard of the promo film.

Isabella developed the graphic elements (such as the icons and menus), and organized all the technical details regarding their functioning in Processing. She also directed, shot and edited the promo film.

Alice mostly worked on the programming of “Hai Fegato?”, in Mobile Processing and Processing. She also collaborated on the development of the concept, the graphics and the interactions.

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