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… critical reflection

The whole system

The real time bidding coul be investigated and developed more, both the communication between the home-bidder and the auctioneer, and the real-time bidding by the buyers in front of the Gobo. Probably we had to consider also a parallel application, dedicated only to the auctioneer, to manage the auction.


The chosen graphic style is quite fresh, and it fits well the aim of the application. Probably because it came after we melted all our graphic ideas together. But at a certain point in the proptotyping we introduced the video-telling, to shorten the path of interaction, so stories began to be told video, not written. This way of sharing stories changed the whole feeling of the application (the way of using it, the time it takes to browse, the way we get stories), so needs to be developed a little bit more, and the graphic style needs to follow this change.


We designed the whole application with Processing. Our code is organised hierarchically to let us understand how to manage it because it is very long. However, we had some problems  prototyping it onto the iPhone: because we had xcode-unsupported features, and because we couldn’t really edit the app in a process of trial and error.

The way we thought

We tried to design each detail of the project, and everytime we focused one, after the editing, we used to discover our project changed in ways we never imagined. It was possible to let this project grow in many different ways, but basically we thought it as a very romantic and affective way to exchange special items.

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