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This was our first teamwork. Two months ago we did not even know each other.

We started brainstorming and discussing together the whole concept, then specialized according to personal abilities, always sharing and comparing our results, really learning a lot from each other and improving our skills in every required field.

Paolo Basso is an After Effects master: he designed the choosen shape for the reed and all its animations, prepared active presentations to show each developement phase of the project to the class and rendered the motion graphics’ part of the final demonstrative video;


Damiano Gui fell in love with Processing — as one would having just graduated in Literature! He wrote the code of the application with a helpful glance at the codes of previous years’ projects. He also directed and edited the live action parts of the videos and designed buttons and backgrounds of the main screens;


Martina Maitan did research and documentation for shaping the concept, designed the map of Venice for the “general map” screen, and took notes for every phase, summarizing them for each step’s presentation. She also acted in the final demonstrative video.


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