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We started from the idea of Venice not as a geographical place but as something less common and concrete: an area in which curious people like to wander around without destination. To find the right mood and understand the possible needs of the user we explored the city using a situationist technique: the “dérive”:  to wander around without a specific direction, letting ourselves be guided by emotions.

Unexpectedly we found that the most simple and small things are those that can more likely change our mood and inspire in us a particular emotion: an electric blue boat, a funny name on the wall, the sound of bells, a flower in a cage, a marble mask …

For this reason we thought that the best representation of anyone’s emotions could be only a small thing; we first thought of  a bubble – a light and floating element, nearly invisible – but then decided to use a reed: a more natural element, apt to the context (a city grown on the water) and supported by the ancient myth King Mida’s secret.
The perfect user for Whispering Reeds is a person who likes simple, unique and sophisticated things. Someone who likes deep thinking and probably hides a poetic soul.
The application could be useful for aldermen: they could discover city’s virtues and vices through it, and for venetian sellers, as a way to promote their activity and check customers’ feedback.
The application will run on a iPhone or on every kind of smartphone with capacitive touchscreen, GPS function, compass and camera.