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… Design

For this app we used the iPhone (with earphones):
- 320 x 480 pixel resolution
- touch screen functions (especially for the mix)
- GPS technology

This is a simplified map of the actions for the navigation:

(click to enlarge)

This is the complete flow chart of the app’s screen pages:

(click to enlarge)

Screen shots

Try the simulation of the app (To run it you just need to have Java. Wait a few minutes to upload)

When is the starting page with a touch pass to the home page. In this there are 5 icons that are the buttons to jump to different sections. The icon under each section refers to the home page. In playlist page you can see the rock party and click upload; in chart page you can see the chart of the rock event; in event page may create a new event or participate in the rock event; in guest page can be seen the participants to the rock party and see the profile of the girl in the lower left; you can vote her songs and click on the icons below to view comments and share music. To go on mixing page click on the title at the top when you’re on the home page. Than for ome back click the title again.

Technical aspects

The focus of “Anyone a DJ” app is the mixing section. While developing the code we did all the effects graphics but not real sound effects.

Like other existing programs we took only the four main kinds of effect  for our application. These add no sounds to the song but change the time, sound propagation, audio-frequency and sound distortion.
(see the info mix screen page)

About the mix section the app chooses a song randomly from the common chart and sends to someone an invitation to mix. To mix a song you have to select one or more of the effects that are linked to a code that changes its features. Two effects are fixed and the other two can be modified using  fingers on the screen: up and down; or pinch, open and close.

For the shared chart each user uploads their personal playlist selecting the songs on YouTube (via the internet on the iPhone). Every participant in the event can see the others’ playlists and vote for their favourite songs. Because of copyright you can’t download songs without paying but you can share a link where other people can listen to your playlist and the songs that you have sent them.

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