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Venice, the capital of the ancient Sea Republic, has always been a melting pot of different interests by foreigners and travellers. Even today a huge mass of people converge in Venice as students, business people and tourist… and all are strangers to each other. When they get down from trains and buses they are instantly projected into a dense network of alleys in which you can only walk. Boats apart, traffic in Venice is a dense tangle of different pedestrian trajectories.

Robo is an interactive system that allows you to show fully colored graphics in a poket/window on a t-shirt. It requires a strange kind of integration with people’s lives. It offers no service. It’s only to give a different view of everyday life, allowing people to appreciate a level of sociality they don’t usually see. The behavior of graphics in the screen will be the representation of the web of people we casually meet around the city. Seeing the second or third passer-by with this strange t-shirt it will be impossible not to be intrigued by the revealed presence of a secret/self-exhibited community.

The project aims is to create opportunities for people to feel part of a community who share similar codes, even though they are all strangers or passers-by; to get in touch with people without constricting them to socialize in events that take them away from everyday life. Robo wants to work in the normal lives of people adding one more value to the invisibility of weak, ephemeral relationships in a “liquid society” age.

The ideal Robo user is probably aged range between 18 and 35. He/she is a student, a tourist, a traveller.

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