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… teamwork


Each member of elgobo actively participated in the project. The three of us had equal involvement and workload. Towards the end of the work process, each member was in charged of the completion of a specific part of the presentation.


At the beginning of the graphic stage we each presented a concept. Then we combined specific aspects of each concept and developed them into the final graphic approach. We all worked on the design and navigation flow. For the final design, Claudia Miliziano gathered the main color choices and she and Lama Wehbe worked on the overall design and layout, each taking care of certain pages. Luca Murgia did the categories icons in the “browse story” section.


The main logic and function of the code was started by the three of us together then further developed by Luca Murgia and some details were worked out by Claudia Miliziano. Bianca Costanzo and Steffen Klaue were patient and generous with us during the coding and the “bidding” action wouldn’t have been realized without their help.

Video and Presentation

During the production of the video Luca and Lama acted and Claudia filmed. The storyboard was created by the three us during the final stages of the project. The video was edited by Luca Murgia.

The flowchart and the stepthrough was completed by Claudia Miliziano. The presentation was ordered and assembled by Lama Wehbe.


In the first phase of the project I developed the graphics for the “Recollauction” concept, a term combined by the words “recollection”, “collection” and “auction”. Then I did some tests on the color and developed the graphics of various screen. I took care of final details of the code, in particular the inclusion of audio on iProcessing and possible solutions to make the “bidding” using the accelerometer. I acted in the stop-motion video and in the final video, and I did some filming. Finally, along with the rest of the team I have prepared the final media and worked on the publication on the site.



At the beginning we discussed the application identity for a week, all together.When we started working one by himself I designed the stumps concept, font and graphics.Then I designed the main theme of the paper that shows what’s behind it. We joined with claudia first colors trials and we finally composed our graphics for Final Detailed Design crit. In a week we worked out all the rest of the graphics: I did the categories icon before lefting the graphics to start working on the code. I took the beginning of the code by Lama, and developed with a new hierarchy. Then i continued, by trials and errors, doing animations, putting the sound in the processing version, fixing bugs. Finally, we did the storyboard. I did the editing and the post production of the video while Claudia and Lama were building on the presentation. Anyway, most of my energies were dedicated to let our group look ahead for the project, and not to stand on the work of someone of us.


Concerning the first design ideas, I did the design of the concept “Provenance”, the personal items being represented in frames on an old wall that the user could browse through. For the chosen concept, I worked on the overall layout and designed various pages. In regards to coding, I mainly took part in the initial phase of it. I filmed and edited the stop-motion video (see downloads) and acted in the final one. Later, I assembled the presentation.


Special thanks to

Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor
for their encouraging support and for believing in our project, tutoring us and leading us into the right direction throughout the work process and

Bianca Cheng Costanzo and Steffen Klaue
for helping us fix the Processing code and install our application onto the iPhone

Gilberto Carnielli and Gianni Cardone
for acting in our videos

Our classmates
for their support, feedback, positive energy and for creating an stimulating and fun class experience

Thank you all for helping us realize our project.

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