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… Critical reflection

Working in a team allows us to develop a complex design project with a brief about a new field for us: interaction design.
In the beginning we did not know how was the best way to do this, so we started with a lot of brainstorms and flow-charts. We then defined the concept: an app to use during parties to remix songs like a DJ.
The path was complicated but in the end we were surprised when we put our application on an iPhone and saw that it worked! We realized only at that moment what we had achieved.

If we had had more time we could have also put the playlists and the four music effects in the code of the app to modify the songs using a remix software.

We think our project could have a real market because there are a lot of other apps that allow you to remix music but they are so complicated (if you are not a DJ!) and there is no interaction between the users. To do that we would need to improve the coding of the app with the music, understand how to download music (because of the copyright policy), and do user testing.

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