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critical reflection

We started with an ambitions but abstract concept and had a hard time finding the proper graphic solutions: we were a little discouraged in the first weeks because none of our drafts satisfied us, but in the end we found out an appropriate compromise. Keeping the graphics as minimal as possible made the application look “poor”, while it’s not at all.

We found Processing a good program but couldn’t achieve all our goals because of lack of time and coding possibilities. For instance we were disappointed  that the iProcessing library did not contain a command for recording sound, one of the most important functions in our application. We had to simulate it, but are nevertheless happy with our prototype.

One of the initial ideas was to link every emotion to a specific colour, but we decided to make a change in the whole application, adding a color filter related to the weather. This too we could only make it work on the computer, because our prototype application could not be really connected to the web, but liked the idea a lot and the results of  its simulation.

We would be very proud to see our application really work in the future, or even for our idea to be developed by somone else. We think it represents an answer to a real need of people like us, either in Venice and in other cities where deeper feeling for the environment and between the inhabitants could help everybody.

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