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Expiry Date

Chiara Bertolin . Daniele Condello . Giulia Orlando

This service allows you to use food approaching its “use-by” expiry date by combining it with the nearly-expired food of other people. Together you cook and eat the food as an informal dinner!
Food is saved which would otherwise be wasted, and friendships are made during an enjoyable evening.


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>Social ( when the food goes off we realize we live alone)
>to feel part of a community by cooking and eating together

>age: 20-29
>university students

Other stakeholders:
>foreign students
>old people living alone

> The device tells them if there are other users whose food is about to expire and it suggests recipes to save the food.

Context of use
>everywhere: the service constantly informs the users
about the condition of their food

>design challenge: saving the food through an enjoyable
cooking lesson
>technical challenge: tagging the food with the expiry date

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