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..How you use it

Digital delivery directly from University

An email from the Erasmus office, with the approved learning agreement, contains the password and user name of the student, with a link to download the application. Having installed it on the phone, once in Venice the user can start to use it.

Using Piscator

The system scans the vicinity while the user is walking round the city.
If another erasmus or ex-erasmus students with at least 1 language in common with the user is passing by, the system notifies it to the user with a single vibration and the students will be shown in the sea view as yellow fishes if erasmus and red fishes if ex-erasmus.

Fish avatars

Every erasmus student has a fishy avatar, wich is allways yellow with orange stripes. The stripes indicates the number of contacts that the student has already met.

Every student has a low profile and a high profile: the low profile is very general and has no contact informations and is updated with full contact data, like phone number and photo, at the end of the meeting event.

The meeting

While in the vicinity the erasmus students can invite each other, one will be the fisher, the other the fish.

After the meeting the low profile of each partecipant is updated with the full contact data, and the respective fishes are moved from the sea to the personal acquarium, wich is the actual contacts list, from where can be performed all the normal actions like call or send mms.

Final prototype in action

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