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The Open Hand

The Open Hand is an 11-week studio course (lab) on mobile applications. Students were asked to design and prototype an application to offer a welcoming hand to visitors to Venice: these might be tourists but could just as well be people arriving to study or work (See BRIEF above).

The course, part of the masters-level programme (laurea specialistica) in Visual and Multimedia Design at IUAV University of Venice, meets four afternoons a week and for most of the students is their introduction to interaction design. It included a two-week workshop introducing the programming language Processing, taught by Till Nagel, and a graphic interface workshop taught by Christian Palino. It finished with a two-week prototyping workshop, taught by Vinay Venkatraman and Nicholas Zambetti (see FACULTY above). We are grateful to IDEO for sponsoring Nicholas’ time on this workshop.

Three teams, Dérive, Piscator and Spook, reached the semifinals of the International Adobe Student Achievement awards.

Programming resources for this course (Processing and Mobile Processing) can be found on the Interaction-Venice Tools pages.

Go to to find out more about the IUAV IxD programme.