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..Conceptual Framework

Users & Stakeholders

Users are new Erasmus and ex-Erasmus students studying in Venice. Their educational level is a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree. The linguistic competence they are supposed to have is the mother tongue and usually at least one other language. Their feeling towards new media is quite enthusiastic, counterbalanced by a background awareness.

The main stakeholders are the three Venice  universities – IUAV, Ca’  Foscari and Accademia – which are directly involved in promoting “Piscator” to Erasmus students.
Other stakeholders are Italian students, foreign language students, clubs, and future Erasmus students.

Mission & Mood

Piscator welcomes Erasmus students to Venice
by speeding up socialization within and between the national groups.

The mood of the service is reflected by a friendly, informal, “sport shoes” environment.
The service let them connect and meet up with each other in an enjoyable way.

It uses technology as a medium to get in touch with new people, not as an end in itself.


Piscator allows Erasmus students to:

  • find other Erasmus students in Venice
    living the same experience;
  • send them an invitation in a playful way;
  • receive invitations;
  • meet each other;
  • create an Erasmus contact list.

Criteria for success

We consider our software successful if in a couple of months the service had helped Erasmus to quickly create a network of relationship beween students. Moreover, we suppose that this kind of service can improve the development of knowledge on other countries.
Finally,  if in a few years, the Erasmus students from Universities involved in the exchange programme will adopt/adapt the service and encourage their younger colleagues to use it, it will have gain an even higher satisfaction.

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