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Hardware requirements

The device we pretended to use was a smartphone with its big screen, accelerometer, GPS, and Bluetooth (or WiFi) and infrared. As we decided to design for the future, nowadays there are not many smartphones with all the technical features needed to the service to run.
Moreover, we are conscious that advanced smartphones are now quite expensive, and probably not easily affordable for a student. Anyway we think that in few years techologies as accelerometer and touchscreen will be spread enough to the service to be popular.
Finally, we also think that if the service should be sold in the market right now, it could maintain the mood and a peculiar way of interaction, with some modification; less technology advanced phones can be used, but Bluetooth (or WiFi) is necessary.

Flash interface mockup development

Before we started the final implementation of the application in Processing, we spent about a week developing an interactive mockup in Fash, to figure out what could have been the final interface appearence and behaviour.
Inside Flash we developed the simulated fish movement functions, the animated reflections and particle systems simulation for the water. The following video will show you a quick demonstration of the flash mockup from the developer-side view.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Processing coding techniques
To know more about the final coding in Processing, focused on the meeting procedure, see the code page.

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